Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tall People Gettin' The Fashion Shaft

As a tall person (over two meters)this was just too irresistible to not post
France's almost two million tall people cannot find shoes big enough or pants long enough, let alone buy a fitted shirt that hugs the body where it is supposed to.

"Sleeves are always too short, women's waistbands are in the wrong place and you can never find shoes," Didier Mattiuzzi, who heads an association of tall people called Altitudes, said at a media conference Tuesday.

"We are lobbying for help for tall people," said the willow-like Mattiuzzi, a slim 191 centimetres (almost six foot four) tall.

Tall people invariably had cold feet and cold shoulders in short beds, he said.

But the situation was even worse in hospitals, where stretchers as well as hospital lifts also were too short, forcing the sick to have to sit up to be wheeled to a ward. But operating tables nowadays had extensions, Mattiuzzi said.

Car roofs were too low, shower cords too short, baths never long enough and drivers forced to stick a leg each side of a steering wheel. "Tall people even have to sit on the passenger seat of scooters", he added.
Sing it!

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PhotoAttitude said...

As a 6 feet tall person I completely agree to all said :)

Beth: LTS said...


I totally sympathise with your problem...I work for a company called Long Tall Sally. As specialists in clothing for tall women, we are only too aware of the issues they face trying to find good fitting, and stylish clothing.

Although we're UK based, we ship internationally: and have recently redesigned our international web pages to make it easier for overseas ordering!

I've also come across a couple of websites which have links to lots of resources for tall people (and larger shoe sizes):,,

Hope that helps.

Beth (LTS)