Friday, March 16, 2007

Back When I Was Your Age We Used to Have to Walk Ten Miles in The SNow if We Wanted to Buy a Record...

So, with the demise of the record chain, what do the kiddos today think of when they think about "buying" music (yes, I assume that people buy at least some of their music)? Well, Billboard writes that the most recognized brands in music downloading are our usual suspects...
Among U.S. music downloaders older than 12, iTunes brand recognition was at 66%, up from 57% in 2005. Napster dropped a bit from 79% to 68%, while Yahoo Music increased somewhat from 49% to 53%. But the biggest gain was MySpace, which increased its brand recognition as a digital music provider from 16% in 2005 to 54% at the end of last year.
MySpace is the one that really sticks out here. I have downloaded music from MySpace, but typically there are far fewer downloads there than one might think. I would love to see how people got these stats since MySpace is a place where people may listen to music, but download... ehhh.

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