Friday, March 23, 2007

Can you say "Audience Erosion"?

I don't know about NBC's TV 360 initiative, but you can certainly see how the net is sweating when you read something like this
On the set of their hit game show "Deal or No Deal," NBC executives made a two-hour pitch to media buyers Thursday on why advertising on their network is a good deal.

More than half of the presentation was devoted to the marketing opportunities presented by the network's TV 360 broadband initiative, which includes streaming, social networking and special features accompanying NBC's series on

NBC has been the most aggressive among the broadcast networks in its expansion into the digital universe, and ad buyers, in town this week to get an early glimpse at broadcast networks' development for next season, have taken notice.

NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly reiterated his belief that NBC, which is enjoying success with "Heroes," "The Office," "My Name Is Earl" and "Deal," was a step away from again becoming the top broadcast network.

Reilly also spoke passionately about critically praised but struggling new series "30 Rock," which was prominently featured in clips throughout the presentation, and "Friday Night Lights."

"Nothing is guaranteed, and the ratings are low, but I can't help but believe that '30 Rock' and 'Friday Night Lights' have the potential to be 'St. Elsewhere' and 'Cheers,"' he said.
That would be 'St. Elsewhere' and 'Cheers' without the numbers.

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