Friday, March 23, 2007

Andy Barker, PI and The Fear of Six and Out

At my fiance's house, Thursday night is milkshake and TV night. The kiddos get milkshakes and we watch some TV. Because I had so much work on my plate I didn't get in until 8:40pm, which meant I missed family viewing (the kids were playing Tony Hawk, which they are just entranced by) and now we all we had to look forward to was 30 Rock. Well, turns out we are just screwed there as well since, like every other TV show on the nets, new episodes seem to be for sweeps only. So I don't get my dose of Tracey Morgan, but I do get Andy Barker, PI, which both me and my beau laugh at and, *sigh*, realize that this show seems destined for six and out. It's too understated, too quirky and too odd. By the way, I hope I am very wrong about it, but I just don't see it. All of my worst fears were confirmed when I when to check on the show's online episodes and there they are... all six of em, even though the net has only showed the first two. It's almost a concession that you aren't gonna get more than these six episodes. Heck, there is even an episode with Amy Sedaris that is listed as an "online exclusive". All of this, I have to say, is a big bummer. I really don't want to get into a show that won't be around and this show, while it made me laugh, seems like more of a contractual debt that is being paid to Conan O'Brien than an actual attempt to develop something solid.

All of which brings me around to the issue of narrative payoff and the commitments that viewers make in terms of time. One of the biggest issues recently bandied about by TV fans is the lack of payoff that one gets when you commit to show such as Lost... a show that seems to many audiences to be about deferred gratification. I don't watch it and part of the reason for that has to do with the fact that the last thing I need to make is another commitment with no payoff of any sort. As one pal of mine states, "Nothing sucks worse than watching a TV show only to know it will be canceled." I agree. I hate the fact that I loved so many shows that ended with loose ends.

So, if I believe that Andy Barker, PI will get canceled should I even bother? If I do, will I get invested and be left with wanting at least 13 more episodes? Or do I stay away and be part of the self-fulfilling prophecy of its doom (like it matters, I aint no Nielsen family)?

Heck, I think I will just watch all the online episodes and leave it at that.

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