Friday, March 02, 2007

Flickr and Asset Management: A Neat Idea

Those of us who have worked with still images for presentation in classrooms have all had to negotiate the dreaded slide library. Well, I thought this great idea from Teaching 2.0 was a nice idea: Use Flickr as a place to manage your visual assets

One of the problems we’ve had at the school for a long time is how to manage all the digital photos that we generate (and we generate a lot). Up to now, the teacher that took the pictures would keep them in their own iPhoto library and it was a matter of knowing who had which pictures and arranging to get copies if another teacher needed them.

We’re changing that, with Flickr’s help. What we’ve done is create a private group on Flickr. Private groups are invitation-only, and the photos in the pool are only visible to group members. This is important because, for child protection reasons, we don’t necessarily want all the photos we’ve taken in school to be public on the web.
So, next time you got the kiddos out on a field trip to the Grand Canyon think about taking some of their pics and throwing them into a Flickr set and you got slides for that next Geo 101 class, or something like that.

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