Monday, March 12, 2007

SCMS, Round Up Part One: A Personal Note

It's spring break for us, which means I get to sleep in, do some yoga, grade a lot, get some job apps out and take it a little easier. It's also Monday, so I am a day removed from SCMS 2007. I didn't go to the Sunday sessions as I spent that time getting caught up with some Chicago friends who I get to see once a year, if I am lucky. Thanks go out to Levi and Stacey at the Rocketship and Baseball Related, who hosted me. Also, much thanks go out to my Fiance', who rocks. She not only took care of my cats, but she built me shelves, took me to the airport, and listened to me when . So, I need to, you know, treat her right! The thing about conferencing is that a lot more goes into it than anyone sees. It's not simply a presentation and a flight. It's the people who support you, who often get no credit, that do all of the work so you can get on their and look good for 20 minutes, that need to be lauded as much as anyone. Thanks Katie, Levi and Stacey. You all rock and IOU.

So what did I get out of this conference? Well, I met some great people, some old friends, had some good meals, have agenda for new projects and feel like I am on the right path. I am still on the market, so who knows where I will wind up and how this will play out. But thanks to all of those with kind words and especially those who were so high on my work. It means a lot more than you all will ever know.

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