Thursday, March 15, 2007

Planned Obsolescene 101: First Get the Player in the Hands of the Customers

I wonder about how quickly my DVDs will be rendered obsolete by the new formats. I have seven DVD players in my house and my Fiance' and her kids have seven themselves. I also have hundreds of DVDs and no desire to invest in a new format. Still the Blu Ray DVD association has a
three year plan

HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - The Blu-ray disc association said on Thursday it aimed to replace the DVD storage format within three years.

"Within three years it will just be Blu-ray," Frank Simonis, the Blu-ray Disc Association's European chairman, said at the CeBIT technology trade show.

The HD DVD camp conceded it is being outsold by Blu-ray because of PS3 by at least five to one, but it claims that sales of movie titles are still level. Film studio 20th Century Fox, which supports Blu-ray, said weekly Blu-ray film sales are actually three times higher than HD DVD.

A total of 5.2 million Blu-ray discs have already been sold, said Nick Sharples at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Hundreds of thousands of titles have been given away to consumers buying a PS3.
We all knew that PS3 was Sony's Trojan Horse, so that is no surprise. But still, we are in a mortgage crisis here in the US and new formats such as HD TVs seem to be coming on much more slowly than even I expected. So we will see if three years makes any sense whatsoever. Plus, there is that competition from HD which has Toshiba, Microsoft and Intel monies behind it, which means that those drives could be in your computer very very soon (if they aren't already in some cases).

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