Thursday, March 08, 2007

SCMS 2007

So, I am going to try to do some blogging here at the society of Cinema and Media Studies conference in Chicago. There doesn't seem to be an open, free net at the Hilton, so I will make these posts as I can from my friend's houses.... so it will look like I am blogging all at once. I assure you I am not. More than anything I will just use this as a chance to liveblog, which is something I love to do at conferences, when it is allowed of course.

One thing before I sign off on this post: The weather is great today. It's 53 degrees Fahrenheit and the skies are bright blue. It's a sin to be inside, I tell you. But more importantly, I am always blown away by the way that my music selections change so fundamentally when I am on a train in a city. Basically I play nothing but three things: hip hop, electronica and rhythm & blues based rock. For me that has meant mix tapes, mash ups, Air records (in particularly the great, overloooked "Talkie Walkie") and repeated doses of Eddie Money. What is strange is that I have no interest in country or countryish music at all. That would definitely change over time if I lived here again, but who knows?

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