Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hey, hey, we're the Gorillaz!

Yep, go go Gorillaz! I would have to say that my second favorite CD of the year is Gorillaz' Demon Days and the latest Wired interviews Damon Albarn about his Cartoon band. I won't say much for now other than this is the best extension of Warhol in pop music since Don Kirshner and his Archies... ok, I always loved The Monkees more (the most famous Kirshner project) and, oif course, the connection between the Kirshner band is clear. will write more about it later, but let's just say that when it comes to pop these days there is something going on between me and my monkey, indeed!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Yes, a Good Anti Effects Study Essay

Not a big fan of "media effects" work for so many reasons, luckily this essay gives you ten good reasons to really question this work.

There is So Much to Share

It looks like I am going to have to teach a seminar on gaming at a 400 level and I am thinking about doing one on social action, in particular something that works to produce a game on homelessness. I am not certain what that would look like, but it may be like "The Sims", but we will see.

Heck, I learned about Red vs. Blue and My Trip to Liberty City. But that's only the beginning of what we are doing. Among discussing theory and the like, the most interesting the are doing is playing games, of course. The website will be coming soon!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Digital Gaming Seminar!

Today I am at NITLE at this year's media studies seminar, which is on Digital Gaming. I am really looking forward to dealing with this issues of gaming, not only in XBOX and PSP land, but also how to use gaming in other places such as SimCity in the Urbanity class. For myself, I am wondering how to think through the issues of material culture and popular music, but others as well. I may teach a class on gaming in communication, but it would be from rudiments to "complexity", but that is all relative. Anyways, we will see how this works in teaching in media studies/communication. So, interested and, of course, looking to play!