Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Comm 226: Thoughts on Technology

Hey guys, I hope that you are beginning to get something of an idea on how blogger works. I know we haven't posted anything, but we will next week and shortly thereafter you will have a number of assignments that help you get accustomed to working together on the internet. If you do not have an idea what you are doing and have not found a sense of ease by sometime next week, please come meet with me. If you have not even made a blogger account and have been added to your group's blogsite, then you better get on it. Ask them how to do it or, again, come see me.

Also, I hope that you can use the mass society and technology website I have posted in order to better frame the lectures and the readings. We will discuss Chapters four and six on friday after the quiz and a brief few notes. Please come prepared for discussion.

If you have misplaced the handout I gave to you today, you can get the pdf file of the proposal needs here anytime.

Finally, even if you think that you may not have a good idea of what you want to study, I hope that you are formulating research ideas soon. If you want to come and just chat with me, write me so we can schedule some office hours time or just drop by. If no one is in then we can most definitely chat. If you want to schedule a time outside of office hours, let's do so.

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