Sunday, January 30, 2005

Comm 200: About to Liftoff into the Quantitative!

Hello class! I hope your weekend has gone well. I am about to find some time in a coffee shop getting prepared for the upcoming week's classes and the enjoy our snowfall. As such, I want to make a few announcements. First of all, if you are still having problems with setting up a bloglines account, please do so as by Tuesday. It is terribly easy and it is essential for all of the upcoming blogging assignments. Just click on the link above and make an account with a password that is easy to remember. If you need help come see me during my office hours tomorrow and we can walk through it. If you have already done it and know someone who needs help, please help them!

Secondly... NO QUIZ TOMORROW! I know I have that on the syllabus and I may give you one on Wednesday, but I think we are a little behind and need to catch up. We will still have a quiz on Friday, so put it in your books!

We will meet in the Communication Lab yet again and I will go through the end of the lecture from Wednesday and begin a new lecture. After this, we will begin to refine your RQs even further. Tonight, take a minute and look at your group's many RQs posted on your blog. Before you come pto class, ask yourself, "are these questions specific enough?" If they are not then how could you make them as specific as possible. As yourself is there a specific unit of analysis that could be measured? And if so what is it (or what are they)? If you cannot identify any, then rewrite these questions with speicifc units of analysis.

We will spend some time getting to a very specific RQ. But don't think this is something that you can just get without preparation. It will become very clear who has actually taken some time tonight to jot down a better set of RQs and who has not. A small amount of preparation tonight will pay off tomorrow!

Read the assigned Frey chapters and I will see you tomorrow!


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