Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Comm 200 and 226: A Time to Practice Blogging and a survey, for you!

Hey, Guys. I want to offer you a chance to come work on your blogging skills with me on Friday not only in class, but also from 2pm to 4pm in Higley 325. I have reserved the lab to spend a few hours with you and we can work on making your blog more "personal" or informative. I can give you a number of tips I have picked up in the last few months. And if we have few people, then you will get more attention. It should be fun!

Also, and especially for students in Comm 200, if you could take a minute to do this survey, I would be grateful.

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Sick S said...

ok. i fixed the picture and the quality post on black rocket, however, i did this on a mac, and i cannot view the picture on an ibm! Wierd. But if you are on a mac, you should be able to view the picture. Can you help me with this?