Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Lion's Share, A Podcast Regarding Media Research, is Up!

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Listeners,

After what has seemed to be months of haggling and work, I am proud to announce that The Lion's Share first podcast, and interview with Dr. Derek Kompare about his work on CSI, is posted and is ready to be downloaded. I am working with Media Commons and the podcast is being distributed through Old Dominion University's iTunesU. If you have iTunes installed it can be simply received by clicking here. If you do not please download iTunes at the Apple iTunes site. While you are in iTunes, please subscribe so you can the latest episodes as they are released.

The point of this podcast is to generate conversations and it will have a breezy conversational style that will help keep us up to date with what we are researching, how we are doing it and why you should care. I have upcoming podcasts from Dr. Kathleen Battles (Oakland University) on her book regarding "crime radio series" and one from Judd Ruggill (Arizona State University) and Ken McCallister (The University of Arizona) on educational videogames lined up for the next week or so.

Also, if you are interested in being interviewed please email me through the Lion's Share Facebook group or through my emails of or I am open to all discussions regarding academic and non-academic media research.

I look forward to growing the podcast and working to generate better, more passionate discussions about what it means to be a media researcher.


Tim J. Anderson
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication and Theatre Arts
Old Dominion University

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