Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Fun(nies)

It's Sunday and in Columbus it is sunny with the right mix of clouds and spring showers. It's also the day before another Championship Game Storm with Florida. We saw this game back in January and, well, it wasn't that nice for Buckeye Nation. Heck, the b-ball teams played earlier this year and Florida absolutely waxed OSU. This could get ugly, but I hope it doesn't... go Bucks!

On the fun note, that is Fun 2.0, we have the following...
  • Clancy Ratliff has hepped me to two wonderful sites that make it even easier to share and construct knowledge. Both SlideShare and JumpCut are pretty solid. SlideShare allows you to easily share PowerPoint and OpenOffice docs (not Keynote, but that app exports to PPT with relative ease) and JumpCut allows you to upload and edit video. That's amazing, just amazing!

  • Been listening to a number of new acquisitions, including a download from iTunes of Two of Us by Dinah Washington and Brook Benton. As good as pop music has ever been! Also notable in my mix of late is the soundtrack to Broken Flowers, Fugazi's End Hits and Steve Cropper's With a Little Help from My Friends.

  • I am working on a number of longer blog entries about why every researcher in the world should go with Firefox, the decline of the album as a music industry staple, and 10 top ten things that I thought about in March. And, finally, between job ap after job ap, I promise an submission to In Media Res about Hip Hop and The Sound of Young America.
Now Back to Grading! Woo hoo!

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