Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Zizek and The Unconversation

There is a lot to say about Zizek and, well, I am not necessarily qualified to talk about him. But here's an example of how he realizes, early on, that there is no possibility for a "conversational dialogue" and just rides it out. Check out how he accepts, early on, how his interlocutor cannot say his name and is cool with it...

This is pretty hilarious stuff if you ask me and so many questions arise when you have this kind of "unconversation" between the talking head and the philosopher, that I would love to see more of these encounters. I mean, can we really assume that Zizek knows who Dennis Leary is as a comic figure? Can we assume that the talking head has learned anything? Who the hell was the producer that booked this segment? Does the talking head know that he is a Fred Willard character? Does Zizek care that his interlocutor does not care about or react to terms like "ideological projects"? But here is the rub... there is more "human interaction" here(i.e. the host shouting out "Yes", the laughter, the way that Zizek just rolls with it, etc.) than you typically get in 10 hours of MacNeil Lehrer. Zizek even gets a "class propaganda" joke in here and the host laughs out loud. Stunningly odd. Now if only we could get Spivak on The View.

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chutry said...

This was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while and one of the best moments in the documentary, Zizek!. By the end, I do feel like the nescaster is in on the joke. Maybe it's not Zizek's joke, but I think he gets the absurdity of the whole thing.