Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Super Weekend

It's Super Bowl Sunday and, yes, I am watching the game as I write this. Because the pre-game coverage is out of control, I waited until the very last minute to tune in, which was great since I was able to watch the kickoff return for a touchdown. Anyways, that's not why I am writing. I have had a great last four days. Some big time events took place in my personal life, which I will keep personal (all very good, thank you very much). And I returned from a two-day visit with the good folks at University of Pittsburgh's Department of Communication, where I gave a talk for their Agora series. Much thanks to them. It was challenging, collegial and inspiring. I left with a small list of lit to read and, well, that is always a good thing.

Also super positive, I have accepted a position as a charter member of the editorial board for Media Commons, a project that is lead by Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Avi Santo and is affiliated with the Institute for the Future of the Book. This is really exciting and I am honored to be part of this group.

But really, you don't come here to read about what I have been doing or who likes me... you come here to see what I am listening and watching. Here you go...
  • Night Ripper - by Girl Talk .... probably my favorite record of the last 8 months
  • The Sound of Young America-- A radio show and podcast which is promoting "things that are awesome". One can only hope that this is the future of NPR.
  • The Paul Goebel Show-- Hosted by the self proclaimed King of TV, Paul Goebel, aka "The TV Geek", the show is a lo-fi gem where the conversation swings between rambling, profane and illuminating. Its always good, always funny and Goebel is always impressive. His knowledge of TV trivia plus his birds-eye view as an actor gives one an insight into the mind of a solid LA comedic actor who is somewhat successful but hardly a star. Just terrific!
Ok, there's more, for sure, but I gotta get back to the game, the compelling commercials and all of those promos for the CBS lineup. So far the robotic arm commercial is the only one I have truly loved.

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Jesse Thorn said...

thank you for your kind words. love, the sound of young america (well, jesse)