Thursday, November 02, 2006

If it's Thursday, Then Its... Tip Time

Ok, I am going to try to make Thursday my day for Tips... Intellectual Tips that Is. And that's not advice, but rather acknowledgements of the advice or programs that people have shared with me. This week, my nod goes to...

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Brett Boessen said...

Thanks, Tim. Open Source is a trailblazer in terms of where more established broadcast media are or ought to be going in the way they both distribute and develop content. Christopher Lydon can be a bit over-joyous about the role the internet is currently playing in the various "revolutions" in social and cultural life, but Open Source has so many excellent programs on topics in which I'm deeply interested, I s'pose we can forgive him.

I haven't organized my schedule well enough to actually listen in while the show is going on, but I keep hoping I'll come up with the next great idea for a show and contribute that way.

Speaking of which, you've got an excellent idea for a show, don't you Tim?